Sports Bike – MTB (Electric-powered KIT)
Metal frame Bike for Men – Classic 2019 – Premium Version (Electric-powered KIT)

Trevi Bike for Men (Electric-powered KIT)


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Length x Width x Height 1700mm x 640mm x 1100mm
Wheel diameter 700 x 28C
Seat height 850 mm
Speed From 25-30 km/h (adjustable)
Distance 45-50 km/1 full charge
Battery type Lithium
Charge timing Automatically disconnects when the
battery is full
Operation 6-8 hours (when the battery runs out)
Frame Pressed bamboo
Paint 2K scratch resistant paint technology
Load capacity 90kg
Net Weight 22kg
Brake system Front brakes are mechanical brake, rear
brakes are disc brake
Wheel Inner tube inside – KENDA
Optional accessories Charger
Guarantee 12-24 months for the battery
18 months for the engine
05 years for frame